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Vote for April O’Neils (@undeuxat

Miss Freeones 2014

Reason? She is a Doctor Who fan (that’s enough)

NSFW: Vote for me?

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  She’s an amazing woman, seriously beautiful, genuine nerd, and a deardearDEAR friend!!  Let’s do this for her everybody!!

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My final post.  The 11th hour on this blog nobody really pays attention to is chiming and coming to a close this week.  Thanks for all who followed and interacted.  

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That last gif…..he’s all “You know it!”

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Flight Status


Departure to Chicago at 7:25.
It would always be cold even though it was late spring, and the cobbled streets were still be full of people who were mostly smiling because somehow everyone who lives in Chicago seems to love it. There was the giant chrome bean, spacious parks that locals and…

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gingermadethat Reminds me of you.  :)

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Nest 615 Needs A Place To Perch!


So this is a thing. I won’t hate you if you share it. ‘Cause guise…guise…seriously, guise…this is one of those ‘hopes, dreams, unicorns, and fairy dust’ kind of things for me. 

And hey…there’s a whole section about things other than actual money. That’s just how I roll these days..

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I am so tired of being alone. The sadness and loneliness are slowly and quietly eating away at me from the inside out. I wonder how long I’ll have to be this way….or if I’m just supposed to wonder through life by myself.

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barebeachbumblr said: Your thanks are totally misplaced because health care delivery has never been more screwed up. Prices are out of line with the costs and taxpayers are paying for your medical care.

Oh honey. Bless your heart.

See, here’s the thing…my insurer is a private…

And this has been another episode of “Ginger Lee Schools your Uneducated Ass Like A Boss!”