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I am so tired of being alone. The sadness and loneliness are slowly and quietly eating away at me from the inside out. I wonder how long I’ll have to be this way….or if I’m just supposed to wonder through life by myself.

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barebeachbumblr said: Your thanks are totally misplaced because health care delivery has never been more screwed up. Prices are out of line with the costs and taxpayers are paying for your medical care.

Oh honey. Bless your heart.

See, here’s the thing…my insurer is a private…

And this has been another episode of “Ginger Lee Schools your Uneducated Ass Like A Boss!”

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@gingerlee After the recent cold snap that went through Nashville, this picture made me laugh and then think of you. 😆

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My birthday sucked as always.  Worked a 10 hr shift….hardly anybody remembered it…no cards or gifts or cake.  I hope I don’t make it to 35. :(

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I want my NERD HQ!


I want my NERD HQ!

Let me start off by saying that I have, unfortunately, never been to SDCC or Nerd HQ. I absolutely love going to conventions (mostly local – NYCC, Philly Comic Con..etc.), but have not had the opportunity to travel across the country for the mother of all cons.

To be quite honest, for the past couple of years, I started to lose interest in going to SDCC just because of how stressful it seems to…

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Signal boosting to all my nerds/geeks in the universe!  We have to come together on this!  We have to keep Nerd HQ going!  All he is asking for is $5….that’s all!  Just one cup of that Starbucks coffee that you “think” you need in the morning, but you can live one day without!  I have faith in all of you and I know we can do this if we all come together!  

In the immortal words of the 3 Doctors;



"Oh, for Gods sake…..Nerd HQ STANDS!"

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Logic=John Stewart FTW!

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Yeah….pretty much truth.

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How I spend Valentines Day.